Popstars collaborates with Z Energy, on their new Chillzone offer
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“… In December 2014, we trialled five frozen yoghurt units at sites. Its reception led to us launching an RFP for the frozen yoghurt project (Froyo) which was won by a company called Popstars.

Popstars were chosen for their ability to design, fabricate and deliver to site.

In addition to the original format we asked them to meet two key challenges:

  1. Changing the design and offer by including a 3 barrel frozen Coke machine, thus creating a new destination within our C-Store called Chillzone
  2. Become the Main Contractor for the end-to-end programme delivery

Both Popstars Directors, Jonty and Brian, embraced the challenge!

The Popstars and Z Collaboration

The Chillzone ongoing rollout is a great success.

In only a few short months since the RFP, we have re-designed the offer, prototyped the new cabinet options, piloted it on site and rolled out 8 stores prior to Christmas.

The inclusion of the Coke offer changed the implementation process substantially, requiring additional services works, CO2 gas, and landlord and building consents etc.

Each new challenge was tackled with an agility and flexibility essential in these types of rollouts across both Popstars and Z, and the implementation accomplished to date speaks for itself. …”

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